20 Advice from Great Authors

I stumbled upon this post by Writer’s Digest on 20 writing tips from great authors. If you’re a “struggling” writer, or just in need of some guidance, then you should read this post.… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: The Comfort Zone

I blogged about this subject a little more than year ago. But I think I mentioned that passion and not discomfort is what creates a fulfilled life. Here it is again: Life begins… Continue reading

Reasons Why Your Great Story Got Rejected

Have you ever wrote a story which you thought was great, only for it to get rejected? I was fortunate enough to be a guest on AEABIA Arts Podcast, hosted by Mikial Kenneth… Continue reading

Word of the Day: Redoubtable

Redoubtable [ri-dou-tuh-buhl] (adj.): 1. that is to be feared; formidable. 2. demanding or evoking respect, or reverence. Example: The building rose to a redoubtable height.

Word of the Day: Nascent

Here’s to new beginnings! Nascent [nas-uhnt, ney-suhnt] (adj.): beginning to exist or develop, sometimes in the chemical state (a nascent state). Example: The nascent company adopted a bold marketing strategy, and established itself… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: What’s Your Story?


Word of the Day: Preternatural

  Tired of using the word “extraordinary”? Try today’s word. Preternatural [pree-ter-nach-er-uhl, -nach-ruhl] (adj.): Supernatural; out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional or abnormal. Example: His powers were preternatural, but he made… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: The Possibility

Today’s post is for my friends who are seeking inspiration. Thanks again for all your support. Keep on dreaming! :)

The Crawling Dead: Zombies Among Us

Hey everyone! I hope you like the new look for my website. Any ideas? Meanwhile, did you know that zombies are quite real? Read all about it in my article in The Dodo:… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Domain Name Changes Tonight!

After much hesitation, I’m finally changing my domain name by tonight. If you haven’t seen a post from me tomorrow, it’s probably because of that. In order for me not to lose your… Continue reading