The Benefits of Writing a Terrible First Novel

The Benefits of Writing a Terrible First Novel.

Word of the Day: Preternatural

  Tired of using the word “extraordinary”? Try today’s word. Preternatural [pree-ter-nach-er-uhl, -nach-ruhl] (adj.): Supernatural; out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional or abnormal. Example: His powers were preternatural, but he made… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: The Possibility

Today’s post is for my friends who are seeking inspiration. Thanks again for all your support. Keep on dreaming! :)

The Crawling Dead: Zombies Among Us

Hey everyone! I hope you like the new look for my website. Any ideas? Meanwhile, did you know that zombies are quite real? Read all about it in my article in The Dodo:… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Domain Name Changes Tonight!

After much hesitation, I’m finally changing my domain name by tonight. If you haven’t seen a post from me tomorrow, it’s probably because of that. In order for me not to lose your… Continue reading

Four Questions Every Novelist Needs to Ask Himself

Everyone wants to write a book. Everybody has thought about it at one time or the other. People have different motives for doing it (fame, telling a story, money…). The truth is, however,… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Think

  Need I say more?

Audio of the Day: A Writing Life

Instead of talking about my personal experience as a writer, today, I’m sharing with you the experience of someone else. I heard A. L. Kennedy’s A Writing Life on BBC Radio 4Extra. This… Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Quality

Have an amazing Sunday! :)

Word of the Day: Diaphanous

  Today’s word is brought to you by July’s hot and humid weather. Diaphanous [dahy-af-uh-nuhs] (adj.): 1. very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent. 2. delicately hazy. Example: In spite of… Continue reading