Journey of a Memoirist III

War was among the various other traumas I faced in the year 2006. When I started writing my memoirs, I could only recall highlights of the events I had been through in my life—good and bad. I was writing snippets of scenes that played in my head. They had no context, because I had forgotten—or chose to forget—what lead to those incidents, and how they changed me. Now that I finished writing about this period of my life, I feel more connected (to myself). I am seeing the bigger picture. Not merely recalling events of my life, I feel like an outside observer who’s watching characters interact and is able to connect those interactions to future habits, fears, interests, and beliefs.

Writing my memoirs was meant for me to have closure, and to give hope to whomever reads them. If I could go through all that and survive, so can you. In the process, however, writing my memoirs is giving hope to me. We all have moments when we feel that the world has turned against us, that nothing is going right, that we should give up… When I get into my memoir-writing mood and I relive all the obstacles that I had overcome, it proves to me that I have come a very long way. Reflecting on my life from the place I am today, I know what mountain climbers feel like when they’re bruised, exhausted, and are halfway to the top. The journey to the peak is a long and arduous one, one that can consume every bit of energy, and one that is a true test of character. The way back down is quick, but it’s a deadly drop. I can’t give up now.


Word of the Day: Obsequious


I feel like I haven’t posted a “word of the day” in years! Today’s word is one I like.

Obsequious uh b-see-kwee-uh s:

1. characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning.

2. servilely compliant or deferential.

3. obedient; dutiful.


1. He gave an obsequious nod to his supperior.

2. She had always been an obsequious wife, until she wasn’t anymore.


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